British Championship 2002

Overall Results - Open Class
champion.jpg (18964 bytes) champ3.JPG (31263 bytes) British Champion 2002 - Steve Ham
Prize: SupAir Cocoon Harness by Northern Paragliding, Rucksack by Windtech UK
2nd - John Bate
Prize: Fast 2 Harness by UP/ParAvion, T-Shirt by Windtech UK
3rd - Russell Ogden
Prize: Flying Suit, Gloves and Balaclava by UP/ParAvion, Rucksack by Windtech UK
4 Adrian Thomas, 5 Ulric Jessop, 6 Bruce Goldsmith, 7 Stephen Purdie,
8 Dave Snowden, 9 Mark Watts, 10 Simon Oliphant
Serial Class
  Winner - John Bate
Prize: Diablo Kite by Ozone, Rucksack by Windtech UK
2nd - Simon Oliphant
Prize: Lazer Helmet by Airbase, T-Shirt by Windtech UK
3rd - Nick Roberts
Prize: £50 shop voucher by Green Dragons, Rucksack by Windtech UK
champfe.JPG (21347 bytes) Winner - Fiona Macaskill
Prize: Flying Suit by UP/ParAvion, Rucksack by Windtech UK
2nd - Donna Pinker
Prize: Lazer Helmet by Airbase
Best Newcomer
     John Bate
   Prize: APCO Sponsorship Deal by Northern Paragliding

British Open Algodanales 2002

Overall Results - Open Class
Winner.JPG (29693 bytes) Winner - Krzysztof Ziolkowski (POL)
Prize: Digifly Voyager Alti-Vario by Gradient/Snowden Gliders
2nd - John Bate (GBR)
Prize: 1 week Flying Holiday donated by Andalucian Experience
3rd - Chris Harland (GBR)
Prize: Edel Kite by UK Airsports
4 Bruce Goldsmith, 5 Stephen Purdie, 6 Hierling Daniel,
7 Hierling Marco, 8 Adrian Thomas, 9 Marcin Tobiszewski
10 Juan-Carlos Martinez-Melon
Serial Class
open.JPG (36307 bytes) Winner - Krzysztof Ziolkowski (POL)
Prize: Diablo Kite by Ozone
2nd - John Bate (GBR)
Prize: T-shirt, hat, neck tie and wallet by Ozone
3rd - Chris Harland (GBR)
Prize: T-shirt and wallet by Ozone
crowd.JPG (44584 bytes) Winner - Lena Alfredsson (SWE)
Prize: Gradient Bliss 24 discount deal and Bum bag by Snowden Gliders, Ozone T-shirt and Wallet
2nd - Fiona Macaskill (GBR)
Prize: Super Fly Hard Video by XC Magazine, Sweatshirt by AirWorks.

British Open Grand Bornand '02

Overall Results - Open Class
GBChamps.JPG (49034 bytes) Winner - Adrian Thomas (GBR)
2nd - Ulric Jessop (GBR)
3rd -Dave Snowden (GBR)
4 Bruce Goldsmith, 5 Eric Blidmark, 6 Steve Ham, 6 John Bate,
8 Semih Sayir, 8 Russell Ogden, 10 Rupert Dodds
Serial Class
GBSerial.JPG (36685 bytes) Winner - Eric Blidmark (SWE)
2nd - Jon Bate (GBR)
3rd - Rupert Dodds (GBR)
GBWomen.JPG (41445 bytes) Winner - Tove Andersson (SWE)
2nd - Fiona Macaskill (GBR)

British Open SE Wales 2002

  Overall Winner - Nick Roberts
2nd - Dave Smart
3rd - Mike Aston