St Andre Competition Report 2010


Results for the week can be found HERE

Day 1 - Sunday 29th August - Task 1 - 62.2km Race to goal

With a forecast of strengthening winds later, the St Andre classic task of Tartonne (B30) - Mont Lieye (B73) - Petit Cordiel (B33) - Angles (B70) and Goal was set, a 62.2km zig-zag task in the protected area around launch.

The start cylinder was a 8km radius around B30 which gave pilots the option of starting either at the Aerials (B01) or on Mont Mouchon (B04). The winds were a moderate 15km/h from the W and the pilots who made the jump to Mont Mouchon before the start fared well with a buoyant cross-wind glide to the first turnpoint than those who started at the aerials and faced a long into-wind glide which decked and frustrated many.

Good climbs in the valley and on the Mouchon made the race to the second turnpoint a formality.

Luc Armant, flying an R10.2 demo wing, had noticed a frayed B-line on the wing during take off, but it was here that it broke.

Luc was able to pilot the glider back to St Andre, but unfortunately had to retire from the race.

After the epic conditions of the first half of the task, the second half would be much trickier due to the increasing wind. For the third leg pilots took a variety of routes back, climbing high and gliding, others surfing around the front of the ridges.

All encountered strong winds pushing back onto the Aerials, but it was the ridge after, Lambruisse, that separated the lead gaggle. A couple found good climbs that allowed them to glide over the back to the third turnpoint, whereas others struggled to find a good climb.

A long but lifty glide down the tree-lined valleys back towards St Andre led pilots onto the Pic de Charmatte and the final turnpoint just in front. Strong headwinds into goal decked an adventurous few and forced others to turn back and climb, but Pierre Remy led Martin Bonis into goal in just under 1h30m and an incredible average speed of 36.48km/h for the task on their R10.2s. Russell Ogden (Ozone R10.2) was top Brit, and Emile Van Wyk flew amazingly to finish in the top 10 on his Boomerang GTO.

Strengthening winds caused the task to be stopped after just under two hours with about thirty pilots in goal. Toby Colombe (Gradient Avax XC2) was the highest ranked Sports Class wing, on glide for the final turnpoint.

Report by Tom Payne

Photos by Douglas Mullin

Day 2 - Monday 31st August - No Task

Strong, strong winds all day meant no chance for a task. We ran a one hour question-and-answer session with Adrian Thomas, Craig Morgan, Mark Watts, Mark Hayman, Chris Harland and Russel Ogden before heading off to enjoy the area.

Report by Tom Payne

Day 3 - Task 2 Tuesday 31st August

A task of 82K has been set - TPS are

D01 B75 A09 B33 B65 and A01

Start is 5km around B75 - and is at 13:05 local

Task winner is Russell Ogden in a time of 1:58:53.

84 in goal.

Day 4 - Task 3 Wednesday 1st September

An 88.3 km race to goal has been set

Window Open 12:40 - Start 13:40 - Task deadline 19:00

Task winner is Russell Ogden in a time of 2:20:26.

76 in goal.

Day 5 - Task 4 Thursday 2nd September

A 68.4 km race to goal has been set

Russell Ogden wins a third task in a time of 01:57:20

100 in goal!

Day 6 - Task 5 Friday 3rd September

A 86.4km. km race to goal has been set

Conditions look good, lots expected in goal.

Task winner was Neil Roberts in a time of 02:50:07, current overall leader Russell Ogden was 4th.

60 pilots in goal today.

Day 7 - Task 6 Saturday 4rd September

A 76.6km. km race to goal

Strong winds were forecast and the task was stopped, but still scored.

Task winner was Nicolas Treins with a distance of 29.58K.

Russell Ogden wins the St Andre Open, Martin Bonis from France is second and Brit. Mark Watts is in third place.

Photo Douglas Mullin.