2004 Pilot Survey
These are the results of the pilot email survey November 2004.

Replies from pilots are in red
Number of replies = 67

Q1. What is your status with regard to paragliding competitions ?
(Please select all the competitions in which you have competed)

11 -- 2004 Paragliding World Cup (PWC)
19 -- Previous PWC
16 -- 2004 British Paragliding Championships
21 -- Previous British Paragliding Championships
29 -- 2004 National Paragliding Championships (other than UK. Please specify the country) --

2Australian 2Belgian Brazilian 3Czech Danish 5Dutch French 6German 3Italian Mexican 5Nordic 3Polish Portuguese Slovenia 2S-African 3Spain Swedish 2Swiss

28 -- Previous National Championships (other than UK. Please specify the country) --

3Australian Austria 3Belgian Brazilian Canadian 3Czech Danish 4Dutch 2French 2German 4Italian Mexican 2Nordic NZ 2Polish Russian 3Slovenia 3S-African 6Spain 2Swedish Swiss 2USA Zimbabwe Many

33 -- 2004 British Paragliding Open
32 -- Previous British Paragliding Open
 9 -- 2004 British Paragliding Cup
16 -- Previous British Paragliding Open

Q2. How many rounds would you prefer the British Open to have ?
Q3 What format would you prefer for the competition ?

(Please check as many boxes as necessary to indicate your preferred combination of rounds)
(eg. if you chose "Three rounds" in question 2, you might pick "One 4 day round, in Britain, over a weekend" and "Two 7 day rounds other countries")

11 -- One round:
3 for long round in UK,
8 for long round out of uk

-- Two rounds:
3 for 4 dy uk & 1 wk in UE,
1 for 1 wk uk & 1 wk in EU,
14 for 2 wks in eu (1 of which for a winter round,
1 wanted 8-10 day rounds)

-- Three rounds:
20 for 4 dy uk & 2 wk eu (1 for a winter leg),
6 for 1 wk uk & 2 wks eu (1 for a winter leg),
1 for 9 dy uk & 2 wks eu,
1 for 3 5 dy eu,
3 can't add up

Q4. Previous decision factors, affecting the choice of location, have been (in order of importance):

1. - Flying reliability
2. - Scope for tasks setting
3. - Safety history of site
4. - Cost of getting there
5. - Ease of retrieves
6. -.Time taken to get there
7. - Things to do for the family
8. - Social/Nightlife

Taking these factors into consideration, which would be your first and second choice of possible foreign locations for 2005 and why ?

1st  2nd
31 - 05 Piedrahita, Spain
11 - 20 Mayerhofen, Austria
08 - 11 St Andre, France
05 - 07 Laragne, France
00 - 03 Larouco, Portugal
Other...take me to somewhere different (your suggestion): --

Ager, Spain (1st), Berga, Spain (2nd)
Annecy (june) or Gourdon (september) both France
Annecy, Grand Bornand, La Clusaz
annecy,grand bornand
Bassano / Feltre in April
Emberger Alm is better than Mayerhofen!!
Fiesch (Swiz), Berchtesgaden (Germany), Dolamits (Italy)
France, Annecy region (2, 4, 5)
How about Bulgaria or Slovenia??
Italy, Belluno, Slovenia, Tolmin
Lauruco .... I'd also be happy to go there as long as it's in July (it rains in August - a lot)
Pedro Bernardo, Spain or Serra da Estrela, Portugal
Swiz-Fiesch, Germany-Berchtesgaden, Italy-Dolomits
Tapalpa, Mexico.

Reasons for your first and second choices: --
Austria is new and Kelly can help sort logisitic. Bassano / Feltre is new too and established comp site and we never go there. both venues offer great flying and good logistsics. Easyjet to Venice. I have run lots of courses there and can help you if you want more info.
Been there and know the places. Reliability of flying and well known sites - good tasks.
Good flying, reliability
good history (for me anyway)
I have been in St Andre this year, wanna try another place.
Knowledge of sites - reliable
Laragne - good flying. Austria because it is new.
Laragne-reliable,plenty to do if not flyable.Mayrhofen,somewherenewandstunningflyingscenery
locations best fulfill decision criteria 1,2,3,4,5,6
Not yet been there (Mayerhofen). Last visit 1993 (St Andre).
piedrahita 2/3/5/6 austria 2
Piedrahita for safe flying, Austria for the family
Piedrahita, St Andrè and Laragne have already been chosen in 2004 and 2003...
Safety, Flying reliability and scope for task setting

Q5. The costs of running a more professional competition have increased each year. The entry fee for the 2004 Championships was £190, for the Open in Britain it was £65 and for each foreign Open it was £115. The entry fee may have to increase for 2005, in order to maintain the same standard as 2004. For which of the following would you be prepared to pay more/less ?

Less --------- More
-2   -1   0 +1 +2

01 04 17 29 07 Transport to take-off
02 01 15 27 14 Retrieves
01 00 21 19 16 Ambulance and Paramedic
22 20 15 02 00 Wednesday party
08 13 28 07 01 Saturday prize giving
23 11 19 05 00 Event photography
15 10 28 05 00 Trophies
09 11 28 09 02 Competition clothing item
03 00 12 21 23 Top meet director (Calvo)

Q6. Do you think the British Opens represent value for money?
(Please indicate to what degree)

16 Very good value
22 Good value
07 Fairly good value
09 Average value
02 Fairly poor value
03 Poor value
00 Very Poor value

Q7. If you had three wishes to improve the competition, what would they be ?
Wish 1:

  1. As much safety as possible (even if the event will not be valid)
  2. A culture change of not trying to kill yourself and/or others in order to win
  3. A detailed presentation of flying in the area by a top local pilot the evening of registration.
  4. A mixture of different conditions /new areas - keeps competitions interesting and tests pilots abilities to perform well in all conditions
  5. A small lunch packet should be delivered at briefing-e.g. coke,apple,sandwich
  6. Adjust task setting to favour less strong wind conditions (in the interest of safety)
  7. Agreed for accomodation
  8. Alternative Activities for blown out days
  9. Better admin! Its below pain level that one cannot even email org. and get answers
  10. Bikini girls on takeoff
  11. Briefings Starting On Time Or Delays Are Announced So We Know How Long It Will Be
  12. dunno. all seems adequate already.
  13. Experienced competition Pilot rated pilots allowed to compete in Championships
  14. foreign locations of interest with cheep and easy access are also in Austria or Italy
  15. full numbers subscribed (125 pilots)
  16. get the comps full by having a good payment deadline
  17. Good retrieves and lifts up the hill so personal transport not necessary
  18. I think you've got a good balance going at the moment.
  19. If going another place - make it earlier
  20. Less events to be British Champ
  21. Let's go to Piedrahita
  22. Me to win
  23. more detailed and professional site (area), weather and task briefings
  24. More racing
  25. More sex and rock-and-roll
  26. More trophies down through the classes.
  27. More women competitors. Suggest free admission for women like at night-clubs
  28. MUCH better weather briefing, including lectures on valley systems, convergence, local effects, development times, from local pilot and UK expert.
  29. no briefing bevore 11.30p.m. and a sms to all pilots where the takeoff will be that day (for own transport by cablecar)
  30. Not to be encouraged to fly unsafe wings
  31. One round, it's hard to make 3 rounds.
  32. other_program_for GPS_checking
  33. Perfect weather god
  34. Pidrahita
  35. Possibility/to/download/a/calibrated/map/for/Ozi/or/Compe/from/webb/before/comp
  36. Reliable conditions
  37. Set tasks that don't encourage us to go into dangerous places with no landings.
  38. Slick organisation
  39. Software for GPS downloading (differences between MLR and Garmin)
  40. The first few turnpointsshouldn'tbeindifficulttogettoplaces,thengettingprogresivelyharderbutneverindangerouslocations.SORRY aboutthespacingbutwhenIhitthespacebarthetextjumps!
  41. The gps/radio logging system as used in oz some years ago.
  42. To be cheaper.
  43. To give or sell the nice pictures of the comp made by the profesional photografer
  44. to improve the safety for all pilots in the competitions
  45. weather
  46. weather
  47. Winter round.

    Wish 2:
  48. BPRS points allocated evenly regardless of Open /Cup or Championships
  49. Comprehensive retrieve.
  50. Cost effective training camps/coaching to help develop new talent
  51. do we NEED all the marshals, can we get local help?
  52. Drinks in goal / retrieve buses
  53. Drop the requirement for 'Advanced Pilot' for championship.
  54. Encouragement of newcomers - comp is very 'cliquey'.
  55. Even earlier starts and PRE-briefinfs, to best take advantage of weather windows.
  56. Evening activities
  57. final barbecue to start at 8 not midnight
  58. Have pilot transport to take-off for British leg of comps
  59. helicopter retrieves... :-)
  60. I like the Brits and have no other wishes
  61. in case of accident , to improve the process of rescue
  62. It wouldbenice to offer local pilots a special invite.
  63. less marshalls - what do they all do?
  64. Make some quicker decisions
  65. Me allways into goal
  66. Nice to try new places - maybe Mayrhofen this year?
  67. No rounds in UK.
  68. Not to take up my entire annual leave
  69. only one briefing and that at takeoff - if there is a chance to fly
  70. Organized transportation from & to airport one or two days before & after comp (if less possibility with public transport)
  71. Piedrahita
  72. quick scoring
  73. Reliable time of the year and NOT to conflict with the PWC or other major Nats like French, Swiss, Czech.
  74. Safer turnpoint diameters
  75. Take account of the fact that not everyone can fly as well as the Top 10. Nor are they flying such good gliders or can make such good decisions on safe routes(see point one above)
  76. Team Scores And Pilot Tracks For All Comps On The Internet
  77. To have different classes according to DHV certification, thus being more inclusive
  78. Use compegps to play back the flights of the task's top pilots the following morning.
  79. value for money was abysmal in England - you need to go places where the local community WANTS you to come
  80. Weather
  81. weather
  82. weather

    Wish 3:
  83. A live version of the BPRS
  84. ££'s prive money
  85. Ago-kartingcompetition on non flyable days
  86. As much free booze as they can drink for all foreign entrants :-)
  87. Avoid meet-director breaking arm in shower after hard night at the pub
  88. Better support of town
  89. Continue to improve image and marketing of British PG Comps in future, to attract more potential sponsors.
  90. don't expect pilots to use their own trasport & then not reimburse petrol( st andre travelling to greoliere each day)
  91. Evaluation Sheets That Can Be FilledInUsingBackspace,BlankSpacesEtc.(thisIsFifthAttemptToFillThisOut)
  92. good idea to have information about public transportation and accomodation on your compsight
  93. good tasks
  94. Good transport and medics on standby
  95. I get to win. :-)
  96. less testerone, less dope.
  97. Make all tracklogs available for download on the comp website.
  98. marshals should all have beards
  99. maybe we can spend more time to get local grants to aid the budget
  100. New sites:-)
  101. Other than that nothing - all the ones I have done have been brilliant!
  102. Piedrahita
  103. Pilots causing midairs to be dealt with more severly
  104. Sorry can't think of any sensible one's, Comps already prettey good
  105. Three days flying, one rest-day and four other days flying - allways sunny weather.
  106. To aim at not having fatal accidents nor parachute deployments
  107. Weather
  108. weather
  109. weathe