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Adrian Thomas is British Champion 2009

The third and final round of the British Championships has finished in St Jean de Montclar and Adrian Thomas is the 2009 British Champion. Neil Roberts and Craig Morgan were in second and third places.

Alex Coltman won the serial class and Toby Colombe the sports class. Kirsty Cameron took the prize for 1st Woman.

See the St Jean competition report for news and results from each day of the competition.

2009 has not been without controversy, with a petition published in Skywings from pilots complaining about the removal of task dropping for 2009. Also Chris Harland, who has flown well in Piedrahita and St Jean, not scoring for the Championship because he doesn't hold a BHPA issued FAI card. He would have been second in the championship, but failed to meet the entry requirement.

French Win 2009 Bleriot Cup in Oraison, France

The French team have won the 30th Bleriot Cup held in in Oraison, France, from Monday 3rd to Saturday 9th August.

In all, 5 tasks were flown, using take offs in St Vincent les Forts, St Andre, St Jean de Montclar and Digne les Bains.

A task was set on Saturday, the final day, but this was cancelled because of thunderstorms.

Check out the report with accounts and photos from each day of the competition.

British and Dutch Piedrahita Open 2009 News and Results

This competition took place between Sunday, 28th June and Saturday 4th July.

Check out the results page for news, task reports and results.

Russell Ogden has won the Turkish PWC in Denizli
Russell Ogden on the podium

Russell Ogden has won the Turkish PWC in Denizli, held from 30th may to 6th June.

The British Team performed well, coming 5th with just 6 pilots (the top 3 count each day) and notably beating Switzerland and Austria.

The positions of other British pilots were: Jamie Messenger 18th, Adrian Thomas 29th, Mark Hayman 47th, Adam Hill 63rd and John Ellison 110th. This was Adam and John's first PWC.

No Tasks in the Borders Round

The weather up to Friday was good, but just too windy, so no tasks.

On Friday morning it started to rain and the forecast looked poor so it was announced at the morning briefing that the last 2 days of the competition were cancelled.

2009 British Championships - Registration Now Open!

Registration is now open for the British Championships in 2009.

The format is the same as the last few years, with 1 British round and 2 rounds in Europe.

  • Borders, UK: Wed 13th - Sat 16th May (This will follow a BP Cup round)
  • Piedrahita, Spain: Sun 28th June - Sat 4th July (Followed by the Spanish Nationals)
    This will be a combined British and Dutch Open.
  • St Jean de Montclar, France: Sun 16th Aug - Sat 22nd Aug (Near St. Vincent Les forts, 45K north of St Andre.)

The competition dates are from Sunday to the following Saturday with registration on the first Saturday for St Jean and Piedrahita and Tuesday for the Borders.

11th FAI World Paragliding Championship Valle de Bravo, Mexico.
11th FAI World Paragliding Championship Logo

The 11th FAI World Paragliding Championships will be held in Valle de Bravo, Mexico from 25/01/2009 - 06/02/2009.

The British team selected for this competition are:

  • Russell Ogden
  • Jamie Messenger
  • Mark Hayman
  • Mark Watts
  • Kirsty Cameron

Read reports from the British Team here...

British Team Selection Criteria

Selection for the British team is now based on the World Pilot Ranking Scheme (WPRS) ranking at the date of selection (WPRS released on the 1st of a month 3 months prior to the event start date) for an event. Team places are filled in WPRS rank order if pilots are in the top 400 of the WPRS. Any remaining places can be filled at the Comps Panel's discretion.